Jersey Shore’s Pauly D spin-off gets March premiere date. The hair will be back in all it’s glory, just two weeks after it departs from the shore!

The DJ’s spinoff, “The Pauly D Project,” will premiere on MTV just two weeks after the Shore finale, on March 29. The show will air after the network’s reboot of “Punk’d,” reports EW. Click the jump for an explanation from Pauly about what the show will be about. It actually sounds pretty down to earth, kind of like him!

“The Pauly D Project” will follow the Rhode Island native as he handles his growing musical stardom.

“It’ll be probably along the lines of, I used to be this DJ in Rhode Island, DJing two sets a week, hustling, promoting,” Pauly explained to MTV News back in January 2011. “And all of a sudden, I’m on this show, and now they’re sending private jets for me to DJ for these huge crowds, yet I’m still the same guy that was DJing for 200 people, just loving life.”

On this journey Pauly will have to separate from his “Shore” family, but the new show promises its own cast of colorful characters. There’s Pauly’s road manager from Rhode Island, Michael “Biggie” Morgan, and the DJ’s personal bodyguard and friend Gerard “Big Jerry” Gialanella.

“The Pauly D Project” will premiere at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Thursday, March 29, immediately following the all-new “Punk’d” series.Will you be watching? Follow us on Facebook by clicking here.

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