The America’s Got Talent Season 8 auditions continue tonight, as the AGT judges 2013 (Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Mel B) try to pick out the real talent from the wannabes on America’s Got Talent 2013 tonight. We have seen some pretty sweet auditions already on AGT Season 8, so what is in store for us tonight? We’ll have to watch together, as the auditions continue tonight on NBC. Watch with us to see who makes it to Vegas during our America’s Got Talent 2013 Live Recap right here!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

We love these audition rounds because it is always a mix between the crazies thinking they have a real talent and the people that truly have an amazing talent that should be shared with the world. It happened again last week on AGT 2013, as one of our favorites took the stage and somehow rode a unicycle and flipped plates onto her head. Rong Niu (a.k.a. Red Panda) was a little goofy, but wowed everyone with her talent and moved on to Vegas!

Who will join her in Vegas tonight on America’s Got Talent 2013? Let’s find out in our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on America’s Got Talent 2013 Live Recap or see the videos of the auditions on America’s Got Talent Season 8? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we start out in New York tonight. We should find some amazing talent here, right? The crowd is pumped and the judges have taken their seats, so lets get started tonight!

Struck Boyz: they are a group of boys from Staten Island and are going to be doing some hip-hop….what? These are some cute boys and they are going to be some heartbreakers some day. They have some crazy moves and I am impressed! Howard thinks they are little stars and Mel B thinks they have a ton of commitment. The judges love them and they are going to Vegas!

Struck Boyz, 8-11 ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

KriStef Brothers: Heidi said she wanted some sexy boys and I guess here they come on AGT 2013. They are hand-balancers and they came to revolutionize what people think of hand-balancers. Heidi got her dream, as the one strips down to his underwear, but we don’t really know why. The other joins him when they are done. Besides the underwear, they did some amazing tricks and I liked them. Mel B said it had her on the edge of her seat the whole time. The judges want to see more (except Heidi, who doesn’t mind seeing less of them) and they are going to Vegas!

KriStef Brothers, 24, 26 ~ AGT 2013 New York… by HumanSlinky

Aneya Marie: she is a teacher of mime and her last performance was booed by 4,000 people! She thinks Mel B will understand her since she is from Europe. This is going to go bad! I was right, as she fails big time and gets even more boos from this crowd. Aneya Marie said that this is a European thing, but Mel B said she did not like it and is a European. Aneya Marie said it will take off and she will be back to teach Howie on America’s Got Talent 2013!

Aneya Marie, 25 ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

Bad auditions on AGT Season 8, as the judges have no issues hitting their buzzers for them!

Unsuccessful ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

Hammerstep: they are an original dance crew where Irish Step meets hip hop! That is an interesting combo, right? They make it work and are a very good dance crew. It would be interesting to see them do a few more routines though. Howard said their skill level is so high that it is possible to ignore. It was love from all the judges and how unique this crew was and they are now headed to Vegas!

Hammerstep, 18-30 ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

A series of good auditions and acts going to Vegas, as we head to commercial! Now a look at some talented little kids, but here comes the big one!

Successful ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

Aaralyn & Izzy: They are brothers and sisters. He is nine years old and she is six! Well, it was not what I expected and it is her screaming like a shock rock band! How does this happen? Howard stood and seemed to enjoy it, but he hit his buzzer so she didn’t hurt her voice! Mel B was scared, but the other judges want to see more of her and she is going to Vegas…how did that just happen?

Aaralyn & Izzy, 6, 9 ~ AGT 2013 New York Auditions by HumanSlinky

Virginia State University Gospel Chorale: not sure how this group could turn into a Vegas act, but let’s see! We go from screamer girl to God, huh? They do a very good job and brought us to church, but I don’t see them being anything selling out in Vegas! Howard said church can be boring and they make people want to go. Heidi said she wanted to hear another song, so she loved them. Mel B wants to join this gospel choir! The judges don’t agree with me and they are going to Vegas!

Virginia State University Gospel Chorale, 18-59… by HumanSlinky

Chris Antes: He is going to show us his talent: checking gum! He calls it oralgami and apparently he says it picks up ladies. This is a joke, as he tries to sculpt a dolphin and snail out of gum and it is a big fail! How can anyone see this in Radio City Music Hall??? The judges send him home.

Chris Antes, 42 ~ AGT 2013 LA Auditions by HumanSlinky

Brandon & Savannah: they are a brother and sister duo that come out and sing an original song. The judges are not fans of original songs, but they loved this one. I did too. Heidi thinks the two of them are awesome and she loved it. Mel B said it was great song, but their performance was captivating. I can’t believe these kids are 15 and 13 years old! The judges send them to Vegas!

Brandon & Savannah, 15, 13 ~ AGT 2013 LA Auditions by HumanSlinky

Taylor Williamson: He is performing stand-up comedian tonight and has performed this year at a coffee shop, laundry mat and a sweet sixteen birthday party. Things are going well for him. His delivery is good, but I feel he is better just talking and not going with the joke route. I just want to hear him talk. Mel B said he is very, very funny and she liked it. Howard thinks he is quick and he is going to do very well. The judges all give him yes votes and he is going to Vegas on AGT Season 8!

Taylor Williamson, 26 ~ AGT 2013 LA Auditions by HumanSlinky

Jacob Calle: Howard Stern wants to see a magician win AGT Season 8. Jacob is inspired by David Blaine, but I don’t see it. He starts out eating some string and then pulls it out of his stomach. He then puts a scorpion in his mouth and blows bubbles! In the meantime, he gets biten by the scorpion. Howard said it was a snorefest and all the judges agree. It is a no for Jacob and then we continue a strong of bad magicians in Hollywood!

Jacob Calle, 31 ~ AGT 2013 LA Auditions by HumanSlinky

Naathan Phan: He starts out with some lame act, where he sings and “escapes” from a straight jacket. The judges were not impressed, but he gets another chance to show them a card trick. Seems like a big chance on his part, but the judges love his card trick and he is going to Vegas now!

Naathan Phan, 24 ~ AGT 2013 LA Auditions by HumanSlinky

Forte: These guys met three days prior to this audition on America’s Got Talent 2013 and met online and this will be their first performance together. They met a few weeks ago online and put this together in the past couple days. They sing opera and it is amazing, but I knew this was going to happen. Howie said this is like a joke and they are phenomenal. Heidi said this is why she loves America Got Talent. They are headed to Vegas!

Forte, 22-33 ~ AGT 2013 LA Auditions by HumanSlinky

We are done for tonight on AGT Season 8. Who was your favorite audition of the night?

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