One of the best parts of The Amazing Race 2013 is when the Double U-Turn comes into play and the teams try to scramble to get there first and figure out who to use it on. There are a couple no-brainers on who to choose on The Amazing Race Season 23 (Tim & Marie or maybe the lovers Leo & Jamal and Ally & Ashley). If the Afghanimals and Ice Queens were more of a threat, than their alliance would matter more on The Amazing Race 2013! Middle of the pack and no one cares right now. Check out all the drama tonight during our Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight with us!

Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers - Week 5

The producers left us with a cliffhanger last week on The Amazing Race Season 23, as most of the teams (besides Brandon & Adam) are still out there trying to make it to the Pit Stop and check-in with Phil Keoghan. They’ll then find out that the race continues and they are all moving on to the next leg of the race! Will Tim and Marie find the Pit Stop though or will she be stubborn and not give up the Express Pass to Nicole & Travis and drive around aimlessly?

Watch it all go down tonight, including Danny in a dress and doing some dancing with his best friend Tim, during our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Amazing Race Season 23 Live Recap or see who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we start with Marie allowing Tim to make the decision and they agree to give the Express Pass to Nicole and Travis for some directions. Brandon and Adam are now headed to Poland. We see Jason & Amy check-in with Phil as the second team, where they will now head to Solidarity Square in Poland. All the teams get to the boat for the 34-hour trip and we are at square one. Marie secretly gives the Express Pass to Nicole and Travis, so she can still use it as leverage.

The teams arrive in Poland and get in their taxis to head to Solidarity Square on The Amazing Race 2013. Tim & Danny get to the clue first and they will be traveling to Golden Gate for the next clue. Leo & Jamal get lost, so Ally & Ashley are lost as well. Tim & Marie have a lost cab driver!

Tim & Danny get to the next clue and it is a Detour: Pose, which is to pose as a statue and collect a certain amount of donations from pedestrians, or Polka, which it to learn a polka dance and get approval from the instructor. They choose polka, even if one must wear a dress. Tim said that Danny would make a pretty woman.

Brandon and Adam are lost and call a cab company, that happens to have Jason and Amy in it. The driver does not help them! Danny is rocking that dress on The Amazing Race 2013 and they are getting their dance lessons, which is funny to watch because neither can dance. Nicky & Kim are doing Pose and Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis are dancing. Brandon & Adam decide to dance, while the other three teams are still trying to get the next clue! They finally get directions and are headed out.

Tim & Danny try the dance, but fail. Brandon & Adam are walking and pass the Pose, so they decide to do that as Nicky & Kim finish getting their donations and get the next clue on The Amazing Race Season 23, which is to head t0 Medieval Harbor Crane for the next clue and they must wear the costume to the end of this leg!

Tim & Danny try again and fail again and Danny is getting ticked. Jason & Amy try the dance and pass, but Nicole & Travis dance and fail!

Nicky & Kim pass the next clue and the Double U-Turn! Jason & Amy get there and do not u-turn anyone! They get the clue, which is to head to Falowiec Building for the next clue. Nicky & Kim were doing well, but missed the guy and now going on the other side of the bridge! Brandon & Adam are not close in donations, so decide to switch!

Nicole & Travis try the dance again and pass and get the next clue. They got past their bitterness and Tim & Danny finally pass the dance and get the clue. Now Danny is traveling in his dress! Tim & Marie get to do Pose and see no one, so they use their Express Pass and get to U-Turn and think about doing it to Nicole & Travis, but decide not to and get the next clue.

Nicky & Kim finally get to the U-Turn and don’t use it either! These teams are being way too nice on Amazing Race 2013 tonight, right? Tim & Danny get there and they want to bring the money home to their families, so they will be using it, but on who? They know Leo & Jamal are behind them, so they u-turn them. Nicole & Travis get there and no u-turns for them either.

Jason & Amy get to the building and it is the longest building and they start running. Tim & Marie get to the clue box and it is a Road Block: they have a list of addresses in the apartment complex and must go in and find a rose-flavored paczki. They have to be nice during their visits, so Marie needs to watch it! Ally & Ashley pass the dance and then Leo & Jamal pass the dance.

Travis and Kim are doing the Road Block and she uses the elevator while he uses the stairs. He hits the button on every floor, so she stops on every floor and just takes the stairs! Travis then catches up with Marie and Amy. He decides to follow them and Amy gives up and they all work together to finish early. He finds it in the next apartment and gets the next clue, which is to head to Sopot Pier for the Pit Stop, which is the longest pier in the country. He does give the apartment to Amy and Marie and they all head out.

Leo & Jamal find out they are U-turned, so they u-turn Brandon and Adam because they are behind them. Brandon and Adam get to Pose again as Leo & Jamal finish up. The three first teams are racing down the pier and Tim & Marie get their first are team one, Jason & Amy are team two and Nicole & Travis are team three. For winning this leg, Tim & Marie win a trip to Hawaii. Nicole & Travis may not have won, but they got an Express Pass out of it and know that Tim & Marie used theirs!

Brandon & Adam are getting no donations right now on The Amazing Race 2013 and it looks like they will be eliminated tonight? They keep trying to get through it, as the other teams are trying to find the right paczkis. Brandon & Adam do get the right amount of donations and head out as Nicky & Kim check-in as team four and Tim & Danny as team five.

Ashley and Jamal are working together and find the right paczki and head to the check-in. Leo & Jamal are team six and Ally & Ashley are team seven.

We get to see Brandon and Adam finish everything and check-in with Phil Keoghan and they are the last team to check-in and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight! They went from first to last on that leg!

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