After weeks of challenges and Tribal Councils and blindsides on Survivor Blood vs Water, we finally saw the winner of Survivor Season 27 crowned last night, so who won Survivor 2013 Season 27 last night? Find out the finale results on Survivor 2013 last night below in our Survivor 2013 spoilers!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Finale Predictions

Last night on Survivor Season 27, it was all about finding out the new winner of Survivor 2013. We had a lot of unfinished business to get through before that winner was crowned. First thing was Redemption Island and the final duel. It was between Tina, Laura and Hayden. Laura has been dominant at this, but when it counted she choked and lost to Tina, who earned a spot back in the game.

It wasn’t a great thing though, as she fought and fought for that final spot, but was going up against an alliance of three that was not cracking. Tyson, Monica and Gervase were sticking together no matter what, which made no sense to me. Monica had plenty of chances to go out on her own and make a big move, which would solidify her resume for a victory. She never did. Gervase was Tyson’s lapdog and did as he said and had no chance of winning.

Tyson won the final two Immunity Challenges, so any chance of taking him out were nixed by that. The alliance never backed down and they ended up the Final 3 on Survivor Blood vs Water. This led to a jury questioning that could have possibly switched the vote to Monica and how she made it through it all.

In the end, Tyson brought on some tears and played a very good game and he received all the votes but one for Monica and Tyson Apostol was named the winner of Survivor Season 27 last night!

What do you think of the results on Survivor 2013 last night?

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