We have the Survivor Season 27 finale this Sunday night, which means we had one more episode to see these castaways fight for a spot in the Survivor Blood vs Water finale, so who went home on Survivor 2013 Season 27 last night? Find out the Week 13 results on Survivor 2013 last night below in our Survivor 2013 spoilers!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 13 Results

What had another intense Tribal Councils last night on Survivor Season 27, but the end results were just as bad as last week!

Redemption Island:

  • The dual was between Tina, Laura and Katie
  • Tina was not happy to be taking on her daughter, but she was willing to throw it to her depending on how the challenge was going.
  • Laura kicked butt, yet again, and she won the dual.
  • It was now between mother and daughter and Tina got out to a lead on Katie and was ready to end it, but asked Katie if it was okay with her and she said yes.
  • Tina was second and Katie was eliminated on Survivor 2013 last night and headed to the jury.

Tribal Council:

  • Hayden and Ciera knew they were on the outside looking in, but Ciera was safe after winning the Immunity Challenge.
  • They knew their only chance of lasting on Survivor Season 27 was to get Monica to flip and vote with them.
  • While they stated a pretty obvious case, Monica still went against them and stuck with her original alliance with Tyson and Gervase.
  • This meant that Hayden was voted off Survivor 2013 last night and he headed to Redemption Island.

What do you think of the eliminations on Survivor Season 27 last night?

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