Oh what a night on Survivor Blood vs Water last night, as we saw something happen that has happened only one other time in Survivor history and it led to the results at Tribal Council, so who went home on Survivor 2013 Season 27 last night? Get the Week 12 results on Survivor Season 27 last night below in our Survivor 2013 spoilers!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 12 Results

This episode of Survivor 27 last night was beyond intense. There were so many good moments and it showed me why I love this show so much!

Redemption Island:

  • It was a dual between Tina, Caleb and Laura
  • They were given 151 tiles to build a house of cards. First two to get to the top of the pole (eight feet tall) would be safe. If not done after 30 minutes, the two highest towers would be safe.
  • Laura won, yet again, and then sat back and watched Caleb pull ahead, but with 30 seconds left his tower fell and he had to start over! He had it, if he would of just sat back and held it in place. He tried to add more and it fell, so Tina sat there and got second, so Caleb was sent home!

Tribal Council:

  • This where things got interesting on Survivor 2013!
  • Hayden knew he was getting voted off, so he tried (again) to get them to flip on Tyson, but no luck.
  • At Tribal Council, he came with guns blazing and told both Ciera and Monica that they were on the bottom of the four-person alliance and they needed to vote out Tyson and make a big move for their resume. The way he handled this situation was perfect and he did it so well.
  • It worked, as Ciera flipped her vote and we ended in a tie between Monica (in case Tyson had Hidden Immunity Idol) and Hayden. They voted again, but no vote from Monica or Hayden and the others had to vote for them. It ended in a tie again.
  • The four other castaways got a chance to talk and if they could come up with a unanimous name, then that person would go home. Ciera was on bottom and knew it, so she was not changing her vote for Monica.
  • This led to the castaways drawing rocks, which has only happened one other time! Hayden, Monica and Gervase (he had immunity) were safe. The other three drew a rock and whoever got the white rock was voted off Survivor Season 27!
  • Rocks drawn and damn Katie gets the white rock, so she was eliminated and headed to Redemption Island.
  • The aftermath of this Tribal Council is going to be huge, but Hayden’s big move worked for him and he survived another week!

What do you think of the eliminations on Survivor Season 27 last night?

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