Another week of Project Runway 2013 is behind us and we have even more drama among this season’s designers during the challenge, which has become ridiculous this season, but we all want to know who went home on Project Runway Season 12 last night? Get your Week 8 results below in our Project Runway Season 12 spoilers!

Project Runway Season 12 - Week 8 Results

Last night on Project Runway 2013, the designers had another early wakeup call, but this time from Tim Gunn and he was wearing a referee uniform! How crazy was it seeing him without a suit on??? They went out and played some field day games (which Ken complained about having to do just like he complained about having to go camping).

The designers were put to the task of designing fashionable activewear for Heidi Klum’s line for New Balance. They chose their fabrics and got to work and then the drama started. Helen and Ken got into a shouting match and Ken seemed to absolutely have lost it. He goes off big time and is swearing and saying some very terrible things to Helen. He was right for calling her out, since she always asks questions and help from the other designers, but he went about it the wrong way.

Anyway, maybe the question helped Helen because she ended up winning the challenge and the losing designer was Karen, who I have questioned who she even is most of the season, but I don’t now because she was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 last night!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Project Runway Season 12 last night?

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