The designers headed to Coney Island last night on Project Runway 2013 for an unconventional challenge, but who went home on Project Runway Season 12 last night? We are only in Week 3 and Heidi Klum gives us an unconventional challenge. She sure loves these, huh? Check out who they sent home in our Project Runway Season 12 spoilers below!

Project Runway Season 12 Cast

With the designs these contestants make each week, I wonder if every week is an unconventional challenge on Project Runway Season 12. This was a little more over-the-top, as the designers played carnival games at Coney Island and the prizes they won they had to use to create their looks last night on Project Runway 2013. Ring the bottle, win a prize and make a dress out of it? Sounds about right!

The designers were paired up and the bottom designers this week on Project Runway Season 12 were:

  • Miranda
  • Timothy

The funny thing with these two designers: they are both from the same town in Wisconsin and they are rivals. Miranda is not a fan of Timothy, but he tried to be friendly when they first arrived. I think that hometown tension boiled over into the challenge and they did not see eye to eye on this at all.

Timothy is a trip to begin with, but then Miranda lost it and was ripping on him in the sewing room. Then Timothy ripped on her in front of the judges and it was awkward for everyone! Despite all that, this was the third week in a row in the bottom for Timothy and the judges sent him home on Project Runway Season 12 last night!

Do you agree with the judges’ selection last night?

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