The final five designers made their way into the final challenge on Project Runway 2013 and they had one more chance to prove why they should show their collections at New York Fashion Week on Project Runway Season 12, but someone would be cut short when they were so close, so who went home on Project Runway Season 12 last night? You can find out the details below in our Project Runway Season 12 spoilers!

Project Runway 2013 Spoilers - Week 12 Results

Last night on Project Runway 2013, the five remaining designers made their way to Sweetbriar Nature Center and visited the Butterfly House to help inspire them for the avant-garde challenge. I must admit that I am not a huge fan of the avant-garde challenges and they always make stuff over-the-top and would anyone honestly wear these things?

The designers changed my mind on that last night on Project Runway Season 12. They created some over-the-top looks, but I did enjoy them and I could see Lady Gaga wearing the look that Bradon came up with. The jacket that Dom created was beyond amazing, yet so crazy!

Besides the avant-garde challenge, the designers also had to take a losing look from this season and rework it to a winning look. This was tough for Justin, since he took the look he was eliminated on and saved by Tim Gunn and redid it. The judges loved it though and they loved everything that designers did last night.

Because of that, Dom and Bradon are guaranteed spots at Fashion Week. Justin, Alexandria and Helen will head home with the rest of them and create a collection. They will then come back and battle it out for a spot next to Dom and Bradon at Fashion Week! So, no eliminations last night on Project Runway Season 12!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Project Runway Season 12 last night?

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