It was the HP textile challenge on Project Runway 2013 last night and this can always be a fun and exciting challenge, as the designers get to make their own fabrics, but then it can be dangerous with how they put it together, so who went home on Project Runway Season 12 last night? Find out with our Project Runway Season 12 spoilers below!

Project Runway 2013 Season 12 - Week 5 Results

Last night on Project Runway Season 12, we got to see a glimpse of Helen and how she doubts herself on every challenge and asks so many questions from the other designers, but then comes out as one of the top designs usually every week! To me, that made me lose a little respect for Helen (and she was one of my faves for this season)!

The designers were put to the task of designing their own textiles, which were inspired by young innovators they each were assigned to. It was a cool concept for this challenge and cool to see some of these people highlighted on Project Runway Season 12. The textiles came back and everyone was happy with their fabrics.

So, on the runway Heidi Klum hinted at the idea of one or more designers going home and she was not hinting. It was a double elimination on Project Runway 2013 last night and the victims: Alexander and Kate! Yeah, the same Kate that was voted back this season and the same Kate that has won many challenges this season and gotten praise from the judges. One bad challenge and they send her home????

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Project Runway Season 12 last night?

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