We are back with another season of Project Runway 2013 and we have 16 new designers fighting for the biggest prize in Project Runway history and it sucks to be the first designer to go home, but someone has to do it, so who went home on Project Runway Season 12 last night? Find out in our Project Runway Season 12 spoilers below!

Project Runway Season 12 Cast

You know what? I am not a fan of premieres of new shows and new seasons, even though I love me some Project Runway. It is such a pain trying to learn all the new faces and all the new personalities. It is also hard to keep everything in order when you are working with 16 designers!

We had one familiar face though, as the fans voted and Kate Pankoke from Season 11 was the returning designer getting another chance to win! She was trying to blend in last night on Project Runway Season 12, but the judges might be tougher on her since she has been here before!

It didn’t matter for the Project Runway Season 12 premiere though, seeming she created a good look and ended up in the middle of the pack. The bottom two designers were Timothy (who used no makeup on his model and no hair products and no shoes, but you know that queen had makeup on to match his gold high heels) and Angela (who created a poncho out of the parachute fabric).

Despite the quirkiness of Timothy, the judges decided to keep him around for one more week and the poncho that Angela designed was just too short and she was sent home last night on Project Runway 2013!

Do you agree with the judges’ selection?

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