Five designers competed on Project Runway Season 11 last night and with the pressure on to make it to the finale and be able to show their designs at New York Fashion Week, the designers were all a little stressed, but who went home on Project Runway Season 11 last night? It was a shocking ending to Project Runway 2013 last night, so get your Project Runway Season 11 spoilers below!

Project Runway 2013 - Top 5

The Challenge: create a fashion-forward look that would be featured in a Marie Claire fashion shoot featuring actress Jordana Brewster.

The Twist: Each of the designers on Project Runway Season 11 would get a sewing assistant to help them through the challenge, which was an eliminated contestant from this season.

The Results: Stanley was a real jerk to Tu, his assistant, but it paid off and he was named the winner of the challenge. Patricia and Michelle ended up in the bottom two and Patricia was declared safe, so Michelle is going home?

The Twist (Again): Heidi Klum tells Michelle that she is going to be given a do-or-die moment, but must wait a few to find out the details and then we see To Be Continued…

So, Michelle will be given something to do on-the-spot next week on Project Runway Season 11 and if she passes the test she moves on and if she fails then she goes home for sure! I hope she passes because I like her!

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