It was the HP Intel Challenge last night on Project Runway Season 11 and we saw the final sex designers get paired up in partners thanks to the Project Runway judges and we have your Project Runway 2013 spoilers in who went home on Project Runway Season 11 last night! Find out the Project Runway 2013 results below!

Project Runway 2013 - Episode 10

The designers went to Guggenheim Museum last night on Project Runway 11 for some inspiration and it must have worked, since the judges and Heidi Klum thought it was an amazing runway show!

Despite a great runway show, the judges still had to send someone home! The losing team was Patricia and Richard, so Richard saw himself in the bottom two designers yet again!

This time he could not escape the scissors and Richard was cut on Project Runway Season 11 last night! I was happy to see him go because I think he is the least talented designer left on Project Runway Season 11.

Who did you want the judges to send home last night on Project Runway 2013?

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