I often wonder what the judges on Project Runway Season 15 are thinking when they make their final decisions, as there seemed to be a clear decision on who to send home and who to keep in the competition, but they were way off with their final decision, so who went home on Project Runway 2016 last night? Find out the Week 9 results on Project Runway Season 15 last night below in our Project Runway 2016 spoilers!


Last night on Project Runway Season 15, the designers got a special visit from some loved ones in the workroom! That brought out a lot of emotions and lots of crying going on, including from me! From there, they found out AARP was sponsoring this challenge and it was about their loved ones starting a new chapter in their lives and needing looks to help with those new chapters.

Despite the designers having two days to finish their looks (and normally they get one day), we still saw designers sending unfinished and unfit looks down the runway. Nathalia did not complete her look and it was baggy and had pins in it to hold it together. Jenni and Erin seemed to send down unfit and unflattering looks for their mothers.

However, Erin was safe and it came down to Jenni and Nathalia. I thought Nathalia deserved to go home and her look was just not that great. However, the judges felt Jenni was more deserving to go home and she was eliminated and her crazy laugh is gone!


What do you think of the judges’ decision on Project Runway Season 15 last night?

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