The designers on Project Runway Season 15 were competing for a spread in Marie Claire last night and it was all about creating editorial looks, but I think some of them missed the memo and we had some rough looks come down the runway, but who went home on Project Runway 2016 last night? Find out the Week 10 results on Project Runway Season 15 last night below in our Project Runway 2016 spoilers!


Last night on Project Runway Season 15, the designers got the chance to fly in a helicopter above New York City and use it as inspiration to create an editorial look for a powerful woman. The winning look for the night would get a chance to be seen in Marie Claire!

This one truly seemed to be a pain for a lot of the designers. They were struggling to come up with concepts and then Tim Gunn had his critiques and some had to change up their looks. I mean, Erin completely just threw out her first dress and started new! It worked though, as she ended up with one of the best looks for the week.

For this week, it ended up being Dexter and Nathalia in the bottom two. Dexter created a very goth look and his jacket he made was exactly like the jacket he made a couple weeks ago with the big shoulders (and the judges didn’t like it then). Nathalia made a simple jumpsuit and added some shiny material on top (which looked glued on) and the judges were not impressed.

In the end, I figured Nathalia would go home and Dexter would be safe. That is how it went, at first. The judges sent Nathalia home. Then right after that, they also sent Dexter home! Yes, a double elimination on Project Runway 2016 last night!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Project Runway Season 15 last night?

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