We are starting to see the cattiness come out on MasterChef Season 6, but this site and I knew that would happen once the first team challenge on Master Chef 2015 took place, so who went home on MasterChef 2015 Season 6 last night? Find out the Week 3 results on MasterChef last night below in our MasterChef 2015 Season 6 spoilers!

MasterChef 2015 Spoilers - Week 3 Preview 7

Last night on MasterChef Season 6, things kicked off with the home cooks heading to an amusement park! They would be picking their own teams and would be responsible for creating a burger with fries and coleslaw and some fish and chips. They would serve all the guests of the park that day and the team with the most votes would win! We saw some struggles from both team, but it was the Red Team winning, so the Blue Team faced the Pressure Test.

Back in the MasterChef 2015 Kitchen, Darah, the team captain, got to pick which five home cooks would be competing in the Pressure Test. She did pick to save Hetal, but she chose to decline the offer and gave it to Derrick instead! That meant the five contestants competing were Darah, Hetal, Katrina, Tommy and Olivia.

For this Pressure Test, they had 45 minutes to bake 12 amazing cinnamon rolls and box them up! Tommy fell way behind, but he did end up boxing some cinnamon rolls that Chef Gordon Ramsay said looked terrible. However, Darah served some raw cinnamon rolls and after failing as a leader in the team challenge, I knew the judges would send her home and I was correct, so Tommy survived the elimination this week.

Darah Carattini

Darah Carattini

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