When you are dealing with chefs that can’t even cook pizzas on Italian Family Night on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, maybe Chef Gordon Ramsay should reconsider the casting team, but we deal with it and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night. Check out the Week 7 results on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 last night below in our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 spoilers!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 5 Preview 4

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, the chefs were first faced with a challenge of creating gourmet pizzas with guest judge Wolfgang Puck! They were all excited to have him taste their food, but it seemed like Anton and Richard were the only chefs that impressed either of the judges and helped lead the Blue Team to victory.

That seemed to lead over into dinner service, as Chef Ramsay made it Italian Night and the Blue Team was so bad on pizzas that they used all the dough and only served ten pizzas! Chris, Scott and Gabriel could not get it together and it was one burnt pizza after another for them. Bev and Kashia struggled with it on the Red Team as well, but not as bad as the men.

Both teams on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 were able to finish dinner service and the Blue Team found themselves on the losing end of things and nominated Chris and Scott for elimination. Chef Ramsay did not see any special qualities in Chris and sent him home, which shocked me because I thought Chris was a strong chef and could be a contender.

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night?

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