Chef Gordon Ramsay is sick of not seeing any leaders emerge from the group of chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, so he made each team nominate one of their own to be team captain for the week, but who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night? Find out the Week 6 results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night below in our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 spoilers!

Hell's KItchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 6 Preview 5

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, we saw Melanie for the Red Team and Anton for the Blue Team step up and serve as team captain for the dinner service. They both had different approaches to it and Anton was very hands-on with all the stations. This may have pissed off many of the chefs on his team, but it did lead to a successful finish to the dinner service and an eventual win for the men!

That means the women of the Red Team found themselves on the losing side of things, which is not normal for them this season. They had to nominate two chefs for elimination and, of course, things got ugly in the dorms. Beth was clearly the obvious choice, but then Melanie did lead the team to a loss, so that should play a factor, right?

Nope, as they put up Beth and Sandra, who everyone on the team happens to not like. They all want her gone and think it would improve the aura of the team. Chef Ramsay did not agree with them, as he sent home Beth Taylor. He does not see her being able to lead one of his restaurants and she was eliminated!

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night?

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