We had a special night on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 last night, as the chefs were not put through another dinner service, but they faced an Elimination Challenge of putting on a brunch for a wedding, but who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night? Find out the Week 5 results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night below in our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 spoilers!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 5 Preview 2

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, the chefs faced a challenge of remembering where ingredients were in a memory game! They matched them with a protein and had 30 minutes to create dishes for Chef Gordon Ramsay. The women continued their dominance, as they won their third challenge in a row and forced the men into making honey taffy from scratch! Afterwards, the men had a bonding moment and felt tight.

Instead of a normal dinner service, Chef Ramsay woke up the chefs early and surprised them with a wedding in the dining room of Hell’s Kitchen! This led to an elimination challenge on the spot, as the teams would be preparing a wedding brunch for the bride and groom and all their guests. The Blue Team was feeding the groom’s side and the Red Team was feeding the bride’s side. First team done would win the challenge and the losing team had one of their chefs eliminated.

In normal fashion, the Red Team came out on top and the Blue Team had to nominate two chefs. In the end, Chef Ramsay sent home Michael DeMarco because he gave him one more chance and blew it and did not want to see him in that spot again, so DeMarco was eliminated!

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night?

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