The chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 have yet to finish a dinner service, but Chef Gordon Ramsay was hoping that would change last night on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 and made things simple with Steak Night, so who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night? Find out the Week 4 results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night below in our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 spoilers!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 4 Preview 3

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, we saw the chefs meet Chef Ramsay and we all know they have been wasting some major food the past few weeks in not completing their dinner services. How much have they been wasting? Chef Ramsay showed them in pennies, as 200,000 pennies dropped from the ceiling! That is a ton of money gone from these poor chefs!

While it didn’t seem to improve much for the Blue Team, the women on the Red Team finally got it together and nailed their dinner service and got it done quickly! The men were amazed at how fast they got it done! So, Chef Ramsay called the women over to help the men complete their tickets! Yeah, that did not go over well, as the men did not want anything to do with it and Jason got in the face of Sharon, but Chef Ramsay called him out on it and suddenly Jason was a nice guy!

Clearly the Blue Team was the losing team and they nominated DeMarco and Mike Aresta. It was clear that Mike had no desire to be there, or at least he coasts through everything else in life and feels like he has to do nothing on this show in order to win. He never takes on any tasks and always blames everyone else for his mistakes! Chef Ramsay was not having it and eliminated Mike and the men rejoiced!

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last night?

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