The producers on Survivor Season 38 definitely want to keep us thinking, as there was mention of a blindside on Survivor 2019 last night, but would it pan out and who was voted off Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 last night? Find out those Week 2 results below in our Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 spoilers!

Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Week 2 Results

Last night on Survivor Season 38, my big question was what happens at Edge of Extinction? Reem chose to stick around after being voted off last week and she is on a pretty much deserted island. She has a ripped sail to use as a blanket and a sign that says these times will test her. So, there is no timeline of what she’ll do or how long she can do it, but if she wants to quit, she can raise the sail on the broken-down boat on the beach and another boat will come get her.

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From there, we had a night of searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol (which Lauren found on the Manu Tribe). We also had hints of the new castaways not being fond of the returning castaways and it’s there game now and they all had their chances.

At the Immunity Challenge, the Kama Tribe seemed to dominate again, as they never lost their lead and won immunity (and fishing gear)! During the challenge, Keith was slowing down the Manu Tribe, as he couldn’t swim and couldn’t toss the rings. While it looked like they might have chosen to blindside Wentworth, they decided to go for the strength of the tribe and Keith was voted off Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 last night!

Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Season 38 Cast - Keith Sowell

Keith Sowell

From there, he walked down the path and came to the Season 38 twist. Would he grab the torch and head to the Edge of Extinction to possibly join Reem or would he leave the game for good? We find out next week, as he was truly struggling with this decision and seemed to be waiting for a sign from God to tell him what to do!

What do you think of the results on Survivor Season 38 last night?

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