What episode of Survivor 2013 last night and while some people are complaining that it was taken a little too far and CBS should not have aired as much as they did, the real question is who was voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013 last night? It was a lot of setting up for the vote at the end, but boy did that vote go fast last night on Survivor Season 26!

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The whole episode seemed to be focused on just how crazy Brandon Hantz is and thanks to some very good editing, it made him look like a crazy person. Was it the editing or is he really that crazy?

Brandon and Phillip Sheppard got into it plenty of times last night and when Brandon finally figured out that he would be going home at the next Tribal Council and since he knew that, he decided to wreak havoc on the camp and dumped out the rice and beans! His tribe had enough of him and at the Immunity Challenge Brandon tried to make a big scene, but Corrine basically said he is crazy and they want to forfeit the challenge and go to Tribal Council to clear out some issues.

Brand tried to make it look like he was calling the shots, but in actuality he just looked like a dumb ass and embarrassed the family he was so “worried” about on this episode. Needless to say, everyone voted for Brandon at the Tribal Council that was held right at the Immunity Challenge and Brandan Hantz was voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013!

Should CBS have edited some of the fighting out between Phillip and Brandon?

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