There was a lot more tension on The Amazing Race Season 26 last night, as it seems like when you aren’t leading the pack, your attitude comes out a lot more and more, so who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2015 last night? Find out the Episode 4 results on Amazing Race Season 26 last night below in our The Amazing Race 2015 spoilers!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Episode 4 Preview 2

Last night on The Amazing Race Season 26, the teams made their way to Bangkok and all of the teams got on the same flight except for Jonathan & Harley, who were still behind after that late flight the leg before. From there, we saw Jelani & Jenny fall behind the other teams and they were not longer getting along that well! Jenny became more and more bitchy and I was wanting to slap her more than Hayley, which is hard to imagine!

We saw the teams make their way through Bangkok on water and taxis, as Bangkok is one busy city with a ton of traffic! The teams had to feed cats and take part in traditional prayers and even dissemble an engine, which Rochelle showed the guys how to do it and I loved every second of it!

In the end, Jonathan & Harley put up a valiant effort, but they were too far behind and had a Speed Bump to complete, so there was no way they were going to make up for lost time. They were the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and they were eliminated this time around. This made me sad, as you can see the love they have for each other and Jonathan loved being on the show and I wish they could have had a little more time to enjoy it together!

Harley and Jonathan

Harley and Jonathan

What did you think of the results on The Amazing Race 2015 last night?

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