Another leg on The Amazing Race Season 26 is behind us, as the teams on Amazing Race 2015 headed to Thailand last night and took part in some interesting challenges, but who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2015 last night? Find out the Episode 3 results on The Amazing Race 26 last night below in our The Amazing Race 2015 spoilers!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Episode 3 Preview 3

Last night on The Amazing Race Season 26, since this is a the season of love and of couples, CBS seems to be showing us more behind-the-scenes footage this season. They are showing us teams after the Pit Stop and at night and the sleeping arrangements. I guess they really want one of these blind date couples to make it and then maybe they’ll show us their wedding on CBS one night???

Anyway, the teams left Japan behind and headed to Thailand last night and it was a matter of who could get the better flight there. As it turns out, Jonathan & Harley did not do well with it and fell behind everyone when their flight did not get into Thailand until the following morning! They did have some relief, as the other teams had to wait until the morning to get things started in Thailand!

However, it never seemed to matter, as Jonathan & Harley were in last place for the entire leg of this race. I really enjoy this couple and they seem like they are so much in love, as Jonathan always has his arm around Harley in the cab and it is nice to see. We will get to see more of them though, as they checked in with Phil Keoghan as the last team of the night, but it was a non-elimination leg of the race and no one was sent home!!! They’ll have to complete a Speed Bump next week to make up for it, but no teams went home last night!

What did you think of the results on The Amazing Race 2015 last night?

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