We got a chance to see Episode 2 of Project Runway 2013 last night and we saw the designers work in teams again, as they designed new uniforms for SPiN New York, a ping pong club which is owned by guest judge Susan Sarandon. There is starting to be more and more drama between the designers, as the tensions start to raise because of the new team challenges on Project Runway Season 11. So, who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 last night?


Stop reading if you don’t want to know any Project Runway 2013 spoilers, but it was a little bit of a shocking elimination for me.

It turned out that Cindy, who went from a funeral home director to a fashion designer at the age of 59, seems to be a little out of her league on the show and then James doesn’t like working in the teams and is off doing his own thing. Both are on the Dream Team, which has now lost both the challenges this season. They were the bottom two and I thought Cindy would be headed home, just because she was in the bottom two the first week as well.

Nope, Heidi Klum announced that Cindy was in and James was heading home from Project Runway 2013! Did this one surprise you like it did me?

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