The final collections were completed (for the most part) last night on Project Runway Season 11 and it was time for the judges to determine who won Project Runway 2013 last night, but who is the winner of Project Runway Season 11? Get your Project Runway Season 11 spoilers by reading more!

Project Runway Season 11 Winner

I was and was not shocked by the Project Runway Season 11 results last night, but not shocked by the winner.

Here is my shock: Stanley has been one of the strongest designers all season long, but the judges were not feeling his final collection at all and he was the first designer eliminated last night! The judges figured he worked well in teams, which is why he shined all season long.

That left it down to Michelle and Patricia. In the end, Heidi Klum announced that Michelle Lesniak Franklin was the winner of Project Runway Season 11 and rightfully so. Her collection was strong and cohesive and very commercial, unlike Patricia who had some funky and cool looks, but who would really be her clientele? Are you happy with the decision by the judges?

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