We saw the return of The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 last night, as Donald Trump was back in the boardroom and had 16 new celebrities in The Apprentice 2015 cast, so who got fired on The Apprentice 2015 last night? Find out the premiere results on Celebrity Apprentice 2015 last night below in our The Apprentice 2015 spoilers!

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Celebrity Apprentice - Season 14

Last night on The Celebrity Apprentice 2015, we started the new season with a battle of which team could raise more money selling pies. Geraldo Rivera easily stepped up as project manager for the men, but the women were a little more hesitant. However, we saw Keshia Knight Pulliam take on the leadership role for the first task.

From there, it was drama after drama after drama. The women were bad-mouthing her throughout the task and saying Keshia had no order and no leadership skills, but then they got in front of Trump and said she did such a great job. Um, where did that come from? The boardroom was drug out big time and they make it so dramatic before even finding out the winner of the task. I mean, some people are throwing people under the bus and they end up winning the task!

The men easily won the task, so the women fought it out in the boardroom. It pretty much came down to Keshia not raising that much money and the question came into play on why she did not call Bill Cosby for a donation. This was an awkward topic, especially with all the allegations in the news recently. I don’t know what it was all about, but Keshia did seem very emotional about it. Either way, she was the leader and her team lost and she did not raise much money and Trump fired her!

The Apprentice 2015 Cast - Keshia Knight Pulliam

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Who did you want to see fired on The Apprentice 2015 last night?

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