If you were out enjoying the holiday time with your family and missed Celebrity Apprentice 2013 last night, then we have what you are looking for on who got fired on The Apprentice 2013 last night. You might be overjoyed with who Donald Trump sent home packing last night on The Apprentice 2013!

Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Cast

Piers Morgan was the mentor this week and he has been gunning all season to get Omarosa fired. He did not let up last night either and it could have been a benefit for Team Power.

Lil Jon was project manager for the task, where they had to create 3-D pieces of art and sell them at a gallery event and the most money raised wins. Team Power lost again and Lil Jon brought back Omarosa and Dennis Rodman, who were the two with the lowest amount of money raised.

Omarosa raised $2,000 more than Rodman, but that was only because she snuck and got an extra $2,000 to give her friend to donate and guarantee she was not the lowest on the money board. Shady as it was, karma is a b*%$@ and came back to bite her in the boardroom on The Apprentice 2013.

Lil Jon raised too much money on his own to be fired and Trump loves the story of Dennis Rodman, so that left Omarosa and someone finally had the nerve to bring her back to the boardroom with them and she was fired on The Apprentice 2013!

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