The theme continued last night on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 and it looks like these people are afraid to bring Omarosa back with them in the boardroom, even though they say she was one of the weakest players on the team, so who got fired on The Apprentice 2013 last night? Check out these The Apprentice 2013 spoilers below!

Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Cast

Claudia Jordan, who I don’t even know who she is but here she is on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 for the second time, but she talked a good game and even told Donald Trump, Jr. and Arsenio Hall that Omarosa was one of the weakest members of her team when they checked in with her on the task.

However, Claudia gets in the boardroom and with Omarosa by her side (why is Omarosa always sitting next the project manager speaking of which?) and Claudia says that Dennis Rodman was the weakest player and forgets to mention Omarosa and then backpedals on the statement when trump Jr. calls her out on it.

Claudia then proceeds to bring back Dennis Rodman and Lil Jon, who happened to get praised for his actions and told he was one of the best on the team! Needless to say, Trump fired Claudia and said he would have anyway if she did bring back Omarosa because Claudia was the project manager and she failed as the leader!

Why are these people afraid to bring Omarosa back to the boardroom when they lose on The Apprentice 2013?

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