The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 is back and Donald Trump has brought back some of the biggest personalities that have played the game so far for All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 and the personalities definitely clashed in the premiere episode last night, but who got eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 last night? It was a doozy, so keep reading to find out!

Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Cast

I feel Donald Trump thinks Celebrity Apprentice 2013 is a much bigger success than it actually is. The show started by saying that one of these stars would be named the first ever All Star Celebrity Apprentice like that was some kind of big deal…did I miss that memo?

Omarosa is back for a third time on Apprentice and she brought her normal drama, fighting self. She is ridiculous, but no way Trump will fire her this early in the season.

Her team did lose the challenge, but the project manager was Brande Roderick and she brought back Bret Michaels and La Toya Jackson with her to the boardroom, because she thought they were the lowest earning fundraisers on the team, even though Omarosa was in charge of the cash and no one knew definite numbers for each team member.

Despite having no leadership skills and being pushed over by Omarosa, I think Trump had it out for Bret Michaels for coming back as a player on a show he already won, so he fired Bret Michaels on Celebrity Apprentice 2013!

It all seemed like a big ploy by Trump, which wouldn’t surprise me. Do you agree with his decision?

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