There was this little awards show on last night called the 2013 Academy Awards, so you may have forgotten that The Amazing Race 2013 was on and if you did, then you probably want to know who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 22 last night? We have that answer right here!

The Amazing Race 22 - Episode 2

Here is what I find intriguing about last night’s episode of The Amazing Race Season 22: how can a team make it on the show, yet they are afraid of water?

Do they not know that most challenges will have them dealing with some kind of water? Does CBS just put them on the show knowing that it will be an issue for them and could make for interesting TV? Either way, Idries and Jamil were afraid of the water and knew that would be their downfall going into The Amazing Race 22.

Their fears were met last night, in Week 2 on The Amazing Race 2013! At the Detour, they had to dive for pearls or create a restaurant under water. Both of the ideas scared them, but they chose pearls. Idries wanted to quit right away, but Jamil talked him into trying longer. That put them too far behind the other teams and were eventually eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 22.

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