Each week on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 have been so close and footraces to the Pit Stop and checking in with host Phil Keoghan, which makes it exciting to watch, but who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 last night? Check out the Week 7 results on The Amazing Race 2014 last night below in our The Amazing Race 2014 spoilers!

The Amazing Race 2014 Spoilers - Season 24 All Star Cast

Last night on The Amazing Race Season 24, the teams all ended up on the same flight from Sri Lanka to Rome, so it was an even playing field, sort of! Jen & Caroline were the last team to check-in last week with Phil, but it was a non-elimination leg of the race and would have to complete a Speed Bump past night. While they were doing that, they thought they were falling further and further behind the other teams.

As it turns out, they made great timing and ended up being the second team to check-in! John & Jessica were out to an early lead, but then found themselves in a taxi and the driver had no clue where he was taking them. They got out and researched it themselves and headed out to the steps. It was down to Leo & Jamal, Flight Time & Big Easy and John & Jessica. Jamal got the last task done, but he gave the answer to both teams in order to not be U-Turned by them. They agreed, thinking they were all going to be safe and the Country Singers were still behind them.

A race to the finish and John & Jessica were the last team to the mat and were shockingly eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 last night!

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