We saw a lot of pressure on the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen season 13 last night, as they faced the Blind Taste Test and then followed it up with dinner service where they were each in charge of a dish from firefighters, but who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Season 13 last night? Find out the Week 10 results on Hells Kitchen 2014 last night below in our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Season 13 spoilers!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Season 13 Spoilers - Week 10 Preview 4

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13, the chefs started the night out with the Blind Taste Test. This time, if they got more then two of the tastes wrong then one of their teammates was getting dunked! Santos and Fernando were quite confident about this challenge and ready for it. Naturally, they got all of them wrong! The challenge ended in a tie and there was one sudden death round, which saw Roe beating Bryant and the Red Team won again.

At dinner service, the chefs were cooking a VIP dinner for firefighters and each had one table to serve. They had to create a four-course dish and each of them were responsible for a dish. This put some pressure on the chefs, but most of them handled it pretty well.

The firefighters seemed happy with their experience, but Chef Gordon Ramsay was not and each team had to nominated two chefs for elimination. After all was said and done, he sent home Fernando Cruz, who he said created great dishes, but he did not have the leadership skills needed for the job!

Fernando Cruz

Fernando Cruz


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