It was a pretty calm week in the Big Brother 15 house, minus the racial slurs that went on after last week’s eviction show, so would that lead to a calm live eviction since we already knew who got eliminated on Big Brother 2013 last night before the show even started? Get the results for the Week 3 eviction show in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 3 Nominees

Here is the deal: heading into the live eviction show for Week 3 on Big Brother 2013, here were the three nominees:

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  • Aaryn Gries
  • Jeremy McGuire
  • Spencer Clawson

The plan all week was concocted by Helen Kim, the Head of Household for Week 3. She wanted to backdoor Jeremy and get him out of the house, even though everyone in the house seems to hate Aaryn (and in the country). Well, Helen felt Jeremy is a bigger threat in the game and he had to go!

Well, the vote happened and in a pretty resounding manner (9-1 vote), Jeremy McGuire was the third HouseGuest eliminated from the Big Brother 2013 house! Helen’s plan did work, but he is only part of the problem. We now must focus on getting the Mean Girls (Aaryn and GinaMarie)!

I really wouldn’t have been upset to see any of them go home last night, but I am so intrigued to see the reaction of the crowd and the aftermath when Aaryn is evicted. I think it will be more calm then we think, but I want to see the drama unfold as she goes back to her everyday life and has no job and has probably lost a lot of friends along the way!

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