It was time for one of the new houseguests on Big Brother 15 to send someone home last night on Big Brother 2013, but who got eliminated on Big Brother 2013 last night? We can tell you if you keep reading the Big Brother 2013 spoilers below. It may or may not surprise you, but they seemed to take it very well!

Big Brother 15 Cast

For the night and after a week of drama on Big Brother 2013, these were the three nominees up for eviction:

  • Jessie Kowalski
  • David Girton
  • Elissa Slater

While Jessie was up for eviction, no one ever seemed to mention her when it came down to the voting. It was either Elissa or David, so the vote would be close as the house seemed to be split down the middle.

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The votes were cast, with the nominees not voting and McCrae, the current Head of Household, voting in case of a tie. How did the voting results turn out? Here we go:

  • Jessie = 0 votes
  • Elissa = 5 votes
  • David = 7 votes

Yup, in not a big shocker, David Girton was evicted from the Big Brother 2013 house. Aaryn was not very happy, but Elissa was ecstatic and could her sister’s fan base help lead her to the MVP again next week? She might need it though, since at the new HoH competition the team of Aaryn and Jeremy won and they picked Aaryn to be the new Head of Household for Week 2 and she is gunning for Elissa!

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