While The Masked Singer has been a success for FOX, CBS is hoping for the same success for it’s new reality competition show The World’s Best! Hosted by late night host James Corden, this competition is looking for the best act in the entire world, but when does The World’s Best premiere on CBS? Check out the details below in our The World’s Best spoilers!

The Worlds Best Spoilers - Premiere Preview

For this new show on CBS, the big premiere will take place after the Super Bowl this Sunday night! That is a huge timeslot to get, as the world will be watching Super Bowl LIII and CBS is hoping they stay tuned in for The World’s best premiere. The show after the Super Bowl usually does lose some viewers, but it also normally brings in huge numbers for the network, so good choice CBS!

 The World’s Best on Super Bowl Sunday, it will then move into it’s regular timeslot on Wednesday nights at 8pm EST on February 6. Here is a synopsis for The World’s Best from CBS:

Hosted by James Corden, The World’s Best​ is a first-of-its-kind global talent competition that features acts from every genre imaginable, from every corner of the planet. They not only have to impress the all-star line-up of American judges Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles and Faith Hill, but the acts will also need to break through the “wall of the world,” featuring 50 of the world’s most accomplished experts from every field of entertainment. Only one act will ultimately be crowned The World’s Best​.”

CBS is giving us a little sneak peek look at the premiere, as the TNT Boys will perform and it looks like Drew Barrymore is in love! Check it out here:

Will you be tuning into The World’s Best premiere this Sunday night?

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