So the heroes are taking a beating aren’t they! I thought for sure they’d pull it off and win but NO! Looks like a villain ending coming right up 5th avenue!

Not that I’m even rooting for one side or the other, but it might have been nice to see the heroes win immunity, if for nothing else but to spark that gasoline puddle known as Boston Rob and just KNOW those 2 trains are headed for a collision!

Couple things about last night, right off the bat.. seeing Tom go rocked so hard! For me, his season sucked so bad! When he kept winning immunity it was like rooting against Michael Jordan,when he kept winning all those titles! Lol..btw, I’m in Detroit, so I pretty much HATE

See ya Tom!

I can’t tell you how happy I am he’s off early! Yessss! Lol..

Everyone seems pissed about the new be honest, I’m diggin him! Sometimes when your Mr. Nice guy, it doesn’t work out, and you get pissed! I think that’s the deal with James! Nice guys really do finish last most of the time and he’s frustrated with that..

The J.T. thing..I thought that was smart of him to go against the “James vote” like that..make people forget he screwed them at last tribal..

But why are they so quick to let him off the hook from last week? It seems to be a pattern with these reality shows anymore..

It’s just assumed that someone’s gonna go against what they said their vote would be, and people kinda just brush it off as part of the game..

If I’m in the game, I’d never let anyone skate doing things like have to put those fires out early! Don’t they think eventually that persons gonna burn them?

Too many people play the game defensively..but like with sports, sometimes a good offense IS the best defense!

But hey, Tom is off before the merge! So it’s a good day in Survivor land! For me anyways..