Before Jessica Simpson announced her pregnancy, Weight Watchers started shooting commercials for her as their news spokesperson and she joined forces with Jennifer Hudson for this new Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers ad. Jessica was paid big money to lose all the baby weight the first time around and had lost over 50 pounds when all of a sudden she is pregnant again. Check out the new Weight Watchers ad featuring Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson below.

This whole story cracks me up because of the issues at stake. Jessica Simpson was signed by Weight Watchers after she delivered her daughter, Maxwell Drew. We all saw Jessica balloon up during her pregnancy and it seemed like she may have been having octuplets with how big her stomach got. It ended up just being a baby daughter, which then forced Simpson into having to shed all that baby weight. Weight Watchers took notice and signed her to a $4 million deal to lose all the baby fat, but of course doing it the Weight Watchers way.

Jessica Simpson is now pregnant with her second child and will not be doing Weight Watchers during the pregnancy, but once she delivers baby number two she will get back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon! So, the new ads featuring her and Jennifer Hudson hit the airwaves at the same time she announces that she is not following the program any more? Weight Watchers got the short end of the stick in this one and should work her overtime when she comes back from the second pregnancy.

They both look great in the Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers ad. I am super jealous of the American Idol, Dreamgirls and soon-to-be Smash star though. Jennifer Hudson is looking very good and has kept that weight off, so props to her! Check out the commercial here:

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