I’ve been a little mad at “Top Chef” since they sent home my favorite misunderstood chef, Marcel Vigneron, but I feel a lot better now that he’s basically saying everything about him that I said. He did an interview with E! and covered the two-faced contestants, what’s up with his own reality show and who he thinks will win this season of “Top Chef All-Stars.”

“According to my friends and myself, I’m actually like a pretty nice guy,” Marcel told E!. “[But] when I’m communicating with the other contestants, I’ll actually tell them how I feel. I’m kind of that person that wears my heart on my sleeve… I’ll actually kind of like let you know exactly how I’m feeling, where I think a lot of the other contestants, Dale, Mike Isabella, they act like children.

“I remember when I was in high school and everybody was two-faced and smiling to your face and then talking trash about you behind your back. That’s the way a lot of the other contestants kind of like treated me.”

As for who he things will take this season’s crown, he surprisingly picked my second-favorite Top Chef contestant Carla Hall. Awesome! “I’m going to go with Carla. Her food is delicious!”

And next on his plate is “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen” which will air on SyFy March 7. And don’t expect him to be returning to the Top Chef kitchen. He’s a SyFy guy now. Bravo can eat it.