We are heading to Macau tonight on Top Chef Kentucky 2019, as the chefs on Top Chef Season 16 are saying goodbye to Kentucky. With that being said, a spot in the Top Chef 2019 finale is up for grabs tonight for these final four chefs, so no pressure, right? Check out some Week 13 sneak photos below in our Top Chef Kentucky 2019 spoilers!

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Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Spoilers - Week 13 Sneak Peek

Last week on Top Chef Season 16, things kicked off with Tom Colicchio waking up the chefs and bringing them out to their gardens to harvest and cook a dish using those ingredients. He also brought the winner of Last Chance Kitchen with him, as Michelle re-entered the competition! Justin won the Quickfire Challenge and pocketed $10,000. From there, the chefs had to create a dish that was inspired by their mentors, who would be eating the dishes with the judges. In the Elimination Challenge, Justin made the cardinal mistake of trying to make a dish two ways. It either goes really well or really terribly. It was terribly for him, as he was eliminated from the competition!

For Week 13 on Top Chef Season 16, here is the official synopsis from Bravo:

“The final five chefs travel to the Chinese territory of Macau for the remaining battles of the competition. Judge Graham Elliot, who has a restaurant in Macau, introduces the Chefs to the local market full of fascinating ingredients and challenges them to a Quickfire highlighting unique Macanese proteins. Then, the chefs throw a party celebrating Chinese New Year. Since it is the Year of the Pig, the dishes must feature pork products and be delicious enough to impress Hong Kong’s super chef Jowett Yu along with Tom, Padma and Graham.”

The chefs are celebrating the Chinese New year tonight with a little help from some sous chefs! Check out a sneak peek here:

Click on image for full view

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