Another ending tonight, as Top Chef Kentucky 2019 will be coming to an end and the winner of Top Chef Season 16 will be crowned. It’s a pressure-filled night for these remaining chefs on Top Chef 2019, especially when only two of them will compete in the final challenge of the season! Check out some finale sneak photos below in our Top Chef Kentucky 2019 spoilers!

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Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Spoilers - Season 16 Finale Sneak Peek

Last week on Top Chef Season 16, the final four chefs had the final Quickfire Challenge of the season and it was a stinky one! They were tasked with creating a dish using the durian, a delicacy in China but a very smelly fruit! Michelle won the challenge for the second week in a row. For the Elimination Challenge, they had to fuse their own heritage with Chinese ingredients and had surprise visits from family members to help them! In the end, there was not enough fusion with the Chinese ingredients for Michelle and she was eliminated, again!

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For the Top Chef Season 16 finale, here is the official synopsis from Bravo:

“It’s the final showdown and the top three chefs must create the best four course meal of their lives. And if the pressure isn’t already high enough, Tom reveals in a twisted turn of events only two chefs will get the chance to serve their full menu. The internationally star-studded table of diners includes Deputy Editor of FOOD & WINE Magazine Melanie Hansche, acclaimed chefs Mitsuharu Tsumura, Alexander Smalls, Dan Hong, May Chow, and Alvin Leung, along with Tom, Padma, Nilou and Graham. In one of the most competitive contests of artistry and skill, only one chef will emerge victorious and be named Top Chef.”

Only two spots open for the final challenge? There are some big names in that list of diners, so the pressure is on tonight on Top Chef 2019! Check out a sneak peek here:

Click on image for full view

And remember, the Top Chef Kentucky finale will start tonight at 9:30/8:30c instead of the normal 8/7c because Project Runway is taking that 8:00 pm timeslot!

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