It was the final challenge in Kentucky tonight on Top Chef Kentucky 2019 and that meant the winner of Last Chance Kitchen rejoined the competition! So, who won Last Chance Kitchen on Top Chef Season 16? Find out those details and all the action from tonight in our Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Recap and see who went home on Top Chef Season 16 tonight!

Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Spoilers - Week 12 Recap

Last week on Top Chef 2019, the chefs took part in a fried chicken challenge, but they could only use spices they identified correctly while blindfolded! Sara got the most spices (12) correct and she also got the winning dish, which was her first individual win of the season. From there, they cooked at a charity event for Muhammad Ali and used one of his prize fights as inspiration for their dishes. The judges loved all the dishes, so they were being extra nitpicky on things. In the end, Eddie was eliminated for giving a dish that was good, but disconnected.

Who is eliminated tonight on Top Chef 2019? Find out in our recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Top Chef Season 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Quickfire Challenge

Tom Colicchio wakes the chefs up early and they head out to the garden! Tom said this is their final Quickfire Challenge in Kentucky, but first he introduced the Last Chance Kitchen winner: Michelle!!! She is back in the competition and now the chefs will be harvesting the garden they have been growing. They had 45 minutes to harvest the garden and make a garden-focused dish! The winner will get $10,000 from Hidden Valley Ranch.


After tasting the dishes tonight on Top Chef Season 16, the bottom dishes came from Eric, Kelsey and Michelle. That means the favorite dishes came from Adrienne, Sara and Justin. However, the winner of this final Quickfire in Kentucky is Justin! Tom also informs them that after tonight, the chefs will be heading to Macau, China for the finals of Season 16!

Elimination Challenge

The chefs meet Padma Lakshmi at Keeneland Sales Pavilion, the world’s most prestigious thoroughbred auction house. For this challenge, they will be making a dish that is inspired by their mentor. As a shocker, all of their mentors will be attending the dinner the next day! The chefs will be given $500 to spend at the auction to purchase specialty items. The remaining money they can use to buy food at Whole Foods. The winner of this challenge will also get $10,000.

The auction starts out pretty lame, as no one wants to bid more than once on the meat. However, things pick up when the veggies come out! They do their shopping at Whole Foods and then it’s three hours of prep before serving to the judges and mentors.


The judges and mentors have arrived and it’s time to taste these dishes on Top Chef Kentucky 2019:

  • Michelle – Padma said this is a great example of what Michelle is capable of. They liked the fish. The vinaigrette took away from the dish a little bit.
  • Kelsey – They enjoyed the gumbo, but the crab meat had shells in it. Gail liked the fiery taste.
  • Adrienne – The duck was beautiful. They said the spice level was a little low and the plate felt a little rushed.
  • Justin – Tom said when someone does something two ways, he wishes they only did it one way. They said they respect he went way out of his wheelhouse on this. Some fish was overcooked and some cold.
  • Eric – Padma said this tastes nothing like his mentor’s food. They said the dish was well executed. Tom said there needs to be some green, fresh elements on the dish.
  • Sara – She knocked it out of the park. Tom said it’s great to see something subtle and the fish is perfectly cooked.

Judges’ Table

Tom said they are cooking their hearts out and it’s great to see. Padma said there is one clear winner here and that is Sara, as she wins $10,000 tonight on Top Chef Season 16! For the remaining chefs, it was the duo that did not work for Eric. Adrienne’s dish felt rushed. They seemed to enjoy Kelsey’s dish, but there was the shell in one dish. Positive reviews for Michelle. They liked Eric’s dish, but it felt unfinished.


The judges on Top Chef Kentucky 2019 discuss the dishes from tonight and it seems to come down to either Adrienne or Justin being eliminated tonight. Eric, Michelle and Kelsey are moving on and heading to Macau. Adrienne will also be joining them, which means that Justin is eliminated tonight!

Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Spoilers - Season 16 Chefs - Justin

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