The chefs on Top Chef Kentucky 2019 are heading to Music City USA tonight, as they will be taking on challenges in Nashville. This includes an Elimination Challenge featuring Hunter Hayes on Top Chef season 16! Then they will have to create a dish inspired by a music memory, so emotions will be running high. Which chef will be eliminated tonight on Top Chef 2019? Find out soon, as our Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Live Recap begins and we can see together who went home on Top Chef Season 16 tonight!

Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Spoilers - Week 9 Recap

Last week on Top Chef Season 16, we saw the chefs head out to Lake Cumberland, which happens to be the houseboat capital of the world. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs broke into two teams and had to prepare dishes for dueling boat parties. The party-goers would vote and the team with the most votes was safe from elimination. The Green Team (Justin, Kelsey, Eric and Sara) won the challenge and Kelsey had the best dish of the night. The worst dish of the night came from Brian, as the judges said his brined porchetta tasted like a honey-baked ham. He was eliminated and headed to Last Chance Kitchen.

Who goes home tonight on Top Chef 2019? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Live Recap or find out who got eliminated on Top Chef Season 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go….the chefs back up the cars and head out to the Grand Ole Opry. Adrienne isn’t feeling any better, as they have to pull over to let her get sick!

Quickfire Challenge

The chefs meet Padma Lakshmi at the Grand Ole Opry for this challenge on Top Chef Season 16. They will be making a dish for one of country music’s rising stars based on their rider, which shows what they want backstage for them. They will have 30 minutes to make a dish based on the breakfast, lunch or dinner rider. They will find out the mystery musician after the dishes are made.


The guest judge comes out, as it is Hunter Hayes. He definitely doesn’t like eating in front of people, but they make their way through the dishes. The least favorite dishes tonight came from David, Eddie and Kelsey. The top dishes come from Eric, Sara and Adrienne. However, the winning dish comes from Adrienne, so she is moving past that sickness from the last show and wins an advantage in the Elimination Challenge.

Elimination Challenge

For this challenge, the chefs will be creating a dish that is inspired by a music memory of their own. They have two hours to prep and cook today and then another two hours the next day. For winning the Quickfire Challenge, Adrienne gets an extra hour of cooking time on the second day.

The chefs pick their songs and their dishes and then head out to do some shopping. Then it is prep time and David is stressing out, as he did not get the clams he would normally cook with and it isn’t going well! Sara said this dish will be for her dad. The chefs are getting emotional with this challenge, as it is reminding them of home and missing their families.


The next day arrived on Top Chef Kentucky 2019 and the chefs finish their dishes and get it plated, as the judges all arrive. Now for the tasting:

  • Eric – “Big Papa” by Notorious B.I.G. They said the cheese sauce is delicious. Tom Colicchio said it is a good steak and eggs, but the meat is overcooked.
  • Justin – “Purple Rain” by Prince. He did a great job by balancing extreme flavors. They thought it was great, but he did not make enough plates for everyone and is ineligible to win best dish of the night.
  • Eddie – They said it is missing texture and acidity. They said it felt like they were eating cereal.
  • Michelle – Padma said she did a great tribute to her father and their memories in the garden. They said it tasted simple and complex at the same time. Tom said it’s the best dish they’ve had all season.
  • David – Padma said it was really salty. Tom said there are elements of mush in there. They said the mushrooms were soggy.
  • Kelsey – Again, another dish that is a little too salty. They did say it was good though.
  • Sara – Graham Elliot said it’s the best dish they’ve seen from her so far. They said it worked really well.
  • Adrienne – Things they really liked about it, but things they didn’t like.

Judges’ Table

Tom said overall, they did get some very good food. The top dishes tonight came from Justin, Michelle and Sara. Of course, Justin did not serve enough dishes, so he can’t win tonight but they did love his dish. Tom said there was a certain part confidence in the dish, as Michelle is the winning chef tonight on Top Chef Kentucky 2019!

The bottom dishes tonight come from Eddie, Kelsey and David. For David, Tom said it was a one-note dish and one texture. For David, Tom said the sauce was salty and the shrimp were rubbery. For Kelsey, Tom said the dish was all salty and Graham said he ran his finger around the outside of the plate and it was like the rim on a margarita.


The judges discussed the dishes and Tom said he didn’t really know what he was eating tonight, so because of that, David was eliminated tonight and heads to Last Chance Kitchen!

Top Chef Kentucky Spoilers - Season 16 Chefs - David Viana

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