The chefs on Top Chef Kentucky 2019 will be fighting for a spot in the Top Chef Season 16 finale tonight on Bravo! They have left Kentucky behind and are now in Macau for this final leg of the season, as the winner of Top Chef 2019 will be named soon enough for one of these lucky cheftestants! Watch with us tonight during our Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Live Recap and see who went home on Top Chef Season 16 tonight!

Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Spoilers - Week 13 Recap

Last week on Top Chef Season 16, things kicked off with Tom Colicchio waking up the chefs and bringing them out to their gardens to harvest and cook a dish using those ingredients. He also brought the winner of Last Chance Kitchen with him, as Michelle re-entered the competition! Justin won the Quickfire Challenge and pocketed $10,000. From there, the chefs had to create a dish that was inspired by their mentors, who would be eating the dishes with the judges. In the Elimination Challenge, Justin made the cardinal mistake of trying to make a dish two ways. It either goes really well or really terribly. It was terribly for him, as he was eliminated from the competition!

Who is eliminated tonight on Top Chef 2019? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on our Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Live Recap or find out who got eliminated on Top Chef Season 16 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

Market Time

The chefs all arrive in Macau and are loving their new digs. They are surprised by Graham Elliot, who happens to own a restaurant there and is in Macau a lot. He takes them to the market to check things out and the chefs are excited to have this time with him.

Quickfire Challenge

No shocker here, as the chefs happen to run into Padma Lakshmi! It is Quickfire Challenge time, as they will be given 45 minutes and about $25 US dollars and they must create a dish inspired by ingredients they find in the market. They will also be using the protein they picked up already with Graham. They draw knives and get to choose their protein on Top Chef Season 16!

The chefs head out to the market to get their ingredients and they are struggling with the language barrier. The scallops for Sara are very hard, which she is not used to for a scallop, so she is going raw.


After Graham and Padma go around tasting all the dishes and the chefs got some mixed reviews from them. However, the winner of this Quickfire Challenge is Michelle!

Elimination Challenge

For this challenge, they are joined by guest judge Jowett Yu. They will be catering a Chinese New year party consisting of 200 guests! Since so many people to serve, they will be given some help! It is a sous chef, which also happens to be an eliminated chef from this season! The sous chef comes with a tray of ingredients and the chefs must choose a sous chef and ingredients and they have to use all of those ingredients that represent their Chinese New Year fortune of choice and only they can use those ingredients. Michelle gets to pick first for winning the Quickfire Challenge and then she gets to pick who goes next. The selections are:

  • Michelle picks David with peaches, noodles and peanuts
  • Adrienne picks Brian with eggs, broccoli and ginger
  • Sara picks Eddie with shrimp, cauliflower and walnuts
  • Kelsey picks Brandon with cabbage, cashews and oranges
  • Eric picks Justin with water chestnuts, coconuts and lychee

The chefs get 10 minutes to plan their menu and then head out to do some shopping for their dishes. Brandon has Asian cuisine experience, so Kelsey was glad to get him. David is Portuguese, so Michelle was excited to get him also.

Prep Time on Top Chef Kentucky 2019

After a night of enjoying a beautiful dinner, the chefs head out for four hours of prep time for their dishes. Kelsey seems to have overcooked the beans, so she is worried. Of course, they all seem to have some kind of issue and worry come up.


The guests and judges have arrived, so it’s time to get this party going! Here is the feedback for each chef:

  • Michelle – Jowett said you can taste a little bit of everything. Tom said it was tasty.
  • Adrienne – Tom said it’s good, but wanted more, as the portions are small.
  • Eric – Padma said he was a bit timid with the chile. Jowett thought maybe some rice to soak it up. Tom said it’s a nice balance, but a tad sweet.
  • Sara – Graham said it definitely feels like Southern style and it’s a solid dish. Tom said it’s tasty.
  • Kelsey – Padma said she did a good job with blending her background with the Chinese flavors. Graham said it’s a dish you’d go back for.

Judges’ Table

Padma said they all did a great job today. The standouts tonight on Top Chef Kentucky 2019 were Kelsey and Michelle! They seemed to really enjoy both the dishes, but the winner tonight is Kelsey! That means the least favorite dishes tonight come from Sara, Eric and Adrienne and one of them will be going home!

Padma said they all made great dishes. For Eric, they said it needed acidity and lacked clarity. For Sara, they said the broth was too much and it ate salty. For Adrienne, they felt the ginger wasn’t there and all the components of the dish were there, but they didn’t talk to each other.


The judges discuss all of the dishes tonight and despite them enjoying all of the dishes, one of the chefs had to be eliminated! The chef heading home tonight on Top Chef Kentucky 2019 is Adrienne!

Top Chef Kentucky 2019 Spoilers - Season 16 Chefs - Adrienne

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