Wednesday’s “Top Chef Just Desserts” gave us two classic “Top Chef” challenges: the mise en place contest and restaurant wars. But more importantly Team Diva was broken up with Heather H. and her diva attitude were sent packing.

Team Diva (Heather H., Zac and Yigit) somehow managed to all be on the same team for “Dessert Wars” and ended up being the losing team. While I like Yigit and Zac, I hate Team Diva (and Heather). They bring out the worst in each other in the forms of arrogance and bitchiness. I was glad to see Heather go. Maybe Yigit and Zac can bring some class to Team Diva.

Rewind to the beginning. Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini come into the kitchen and tell the cheftestants the quickfire challenge is the classic “Top Chef” mise en place battle. Teams were drawn, putting Team Diva as (Red Team) against the others (Black Team) for the entire night. Add the competition began.

Challenge 1: Mold 12 tart pats. Danielle vs. Yigit. Danielle kills it, leaving Yigit in the dust.
Challenge 2: Pip eight buttercream roses. Eric vs. Heather. Heather wins (I thought that was Eric’s win for sure).
Challenge 3: Whip egg whites that hold in the bowl while upside down. Morgan vs. Zac. Morgan wins (of course).
Challenge 4: Stretch strudel dough across a large table and fill it. Red Team vs. Black Team. Red Team wins the quickfire and $3,000 each.

The elimination challenge is revealed as Restaurant, er, Dessert Wars. Each team will have to open a dessert shop and make three items. Team Diva’s store ends up being called Pastry Playland, which doesn’t look much like a fun place. Despite Yigit’s good front-of-the-house service, not much else is going right. The judges are displeased that they have an empty display case, they’re fighting with each other and Heather completely botched everyone’s dough (that she insisted on hand-rolling).

Things are going a little better for the Black Team. They named their shop Whisk Me Away and for some reason put Danielle in the front of the house. Why would they do that? She has little to no personality. She’s a little goofy, but in an awkward way. But really, she was probably the lesser of the three evils. Morgan is so creepy he would’ve scared customers away. And Eric is so quiet. Yeah, Danielle was the only choice. She still sucked at it, but that’s OK. Everything else really worked out. Their food (for the most part), their decor. Everything worked and the judges loved it. They won the challenge and $10,000 each. Take that Team Diva.

So it’s down to Team Diva for the elimination. Everyone stands together. Heather even fesses up to the bad dough job. And she’s sent home. Good. Yigit cries but he’ll get over it when he realizes how close he is to the top prize.

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