America’s meanest and craziest pastry chefs were pretty tame this week. Morgan displayed hints of homophobia and Heather C. accused Morgan of stealing her rice crispy treats, but other than that, it was a pretty quiet episode.

For the quickfire, Gail Simmons and random guest judge of the week tell them they have to make a savory dessert using only one pot. During the frantic running around and not cooking, Morgan apparently elbows Heather in the mouth, setting the tone for the rest of the episode for her. She whines a bit but later proves she was just warming up.

Everyone makes a bunch of stuff I’d never eat (I like to keep my sweets and savories as far apart as possible) and Eric, Heather and Danielle end up on the bottom. On top are Morgan, Zac and Yigit. Zac wins. He is given immunity, but Gail offers to trade it for $5,000.  He accepts. Which could end up being  a very bad idea.

Gail then drops the next elimination challenge on them. They’re instructed to make a black and white dessert that will be served at a party for the Los Angeles Times’ 128 anniversary. The chefs freak out a little bit because desserts tend to be more colorful than black and white.

So the challenge begins and Heather loses some rice crispy treats. She’s convinced Morgan stole her treats and is trying to sabotage her and Team Diva (herself, Zac and Yigit). Morgan does express his annoyance of the three, particularly Zac, but I doubt he stole anything.

“Top Chef” does what it does best and never resolves the accusation so we’re left to wonder. Which translates into: Heather found the rice crispy treats back at the kitchen and production thought that would be too boring.

Almost none of the chefs actually make anything that’s really “black” and that’s annoying. Judge Johnny Iuzzini calls a couple of them on it during his mentor session. None of them listen. Gail, Johnny, and the other unimportant judges sample the dishes. They seem to not hate or love anyone’s. Gail is very impressed with Eric’s plating, however. She compliments him and they even play the victory music.

Cut to the stew room. Gail calls out the girls first, making it look like they’re the top three. The boys are not happy. It turns out Heather, Danielle and Erika are really the worst three. From the critiques it certainly sounds like Danielle will finally go (has she made anything they’ve liked?).

Before the cut, the men are called in and are shocked to learn they are on top. It really sounds like Eric is going to win, but it’s actually Yigit, which is his elimination challenge win.

So next we prepare for Danielle to go. But Gail sends Erika home instead. What? Why? OK.

What are your thoughts? We really can’t judge the food, but what do you think about personalities and attitudes?