Why oh why did Seth have to flip out and leave last week? This week’s “Top Chef: Just Desserts” would’ve been the perfect time for an extreme meltdown. Seriously, imagine him having to complete the elimination challenge, which was making edible fashion. Oh well. I have that entire episode playing out in my imagination right now. And it’s hilarious.

Anyway. Back to the actual, Seth-less episode. For the Quick Fire Challenge, the cheftestants had to make a souffle. Snore. Yigit wins.

Then Goddess Gail unveils that the elimination challenge is making edible fashion inspired by a pair of shoes. And it’s worth $20,000. Each chef chooses a pair of shoes to inspire them. Oh, and they all have to make two couture petit fours as accessories. Those, unlike the actual dresses, will actually be eaten.

Just when I think Team Diva (Zac, Yigit and Heather H.) might be the focus of this episode, Morgan reveals that he’s pretty much bats**t crazy. He’s clearly horny and has a thing for women’s shoes. He gets really creepy with it, even claiming later that he’s going to spend the evening alone with his dressform. Yikes.

Morgan does actually do a great job. His dress is a little basic, but well-done. But it’s his petit four accessories that are really en pointe. He made an amazing ruby ring and an earring (shown below).Also doing well were Yigit and Zac. Yigit’s Bjork-inspired dress looked like actual fashion. And Zac’s warrior piece was pretty flawless. And then there were his accessories, which included a hilarious nipple pasty.

Doing not-so-good were Danielle and Heather C. Remember Heather C. was the contestant brought back after Seth’s meltdown. For some reason, both of them used vegetables to make their clothes. Like head judge 1957 said it’s Top Chef: Just Desserts, not Top Chef: Just Vegetables. Hey, it wasn’t clever, but it made the point.

So the top three were Morgan, Yigit and Zac. Morgan wins. And even though he’s incredibly creepy and scary, his win seemed well-deserved. He’ll probably spend the $20,000 on women’s shoes (or a dungeon for the student nurses I imagine he kidnaps and tortures). The bottom three were Danielle, Heather C. and Eric. Heather C. goes home again. It really must suck to be eliminated from the same reality show twice.

So there wasn’t any crying or fighting this episode. Heather H. continued to be bitchy and Morgan completely went off his rocker, but it was one of the more mild episodes. It looks like the crazy might return next week. Sweet.

Oh, and I’ve learned that Heather C.’s weird forehead injury actually happened on the “Top Chef” set. Apparently a camera fell and hit her on the head.