The first season of Bravo’s “Top Chef Just Desserts” came to a close Wednesday night as they crowned the show’s first-ever winner.

Yigit Pura, 29, of San Francisco prevailed against front runner Morgan Wilson and underdog Danielle Keene. Yigit won $100,000 and a Buick Regal.

The finale came after a tumultuous season of breakdowns, ejections and voluntary exits. For the final challenge, Gail Simmons asks the chefs to take the judges and some esteemed guests on a progressive, four-course dessert tasting journey. They can make anything they want.

Before the challenge starts, the chefs meet up with head chef Johnny Iuzzini at a hot Los Angeles club. They try some apparently amazing desserts and Johnny reveals the chefs who made them are renowned chefs Sherry Yard, Elizabeth Falkner and Claudia Flemming. He also tells them the three women will serve as their sous chefs for the final challenge.

The chefs draw cookies to decide which sous chefs they’ll be working with. Yigit is paired with Sherry, Danielle is with Elizabeth and Morgan gets Claudia. Lucky Claudia…

Yigit and Danielle seem to be working fine with their sous chefs, but there’s no surprise that the same can’t be said for Morgan. He’s completely disrespectful to Claudia and I’m embarrassed for him. I’m sitting at home alone watching and even I’m embarrassed. He should be ashamed of himself.

On top of his rudeness to her, he’s continuing his cocky manner and has absolutely no doubt he’s going to win. Speaking of Morgan being a jerk, he really shines in the next twist. When Gail reveals that for day two, the new sous chefs will be previously eliminated contestants. One of the options is Zac and Morgan makes it known to the camera that he doesn’t want to work with that “fairy.”

Lucky for Zac, Morgan picks Heather H. (which had great drama potential itself but nothing happened). Yigit is paired with Tim and Danielle chooses Tania. Too bad wacky Seth didn’t make it back!

The chefs put out some apparently great food. I’d review that food if, you know, I got to taste it. But since I didn’t, I can’t really talk about it. It sounds like everyone is being judged pretty equally. It sounds like Danielle might really win! No wait, it’ll be Yigit. Nope. Wait. It’s Morgan. Or is it? Nope. Wow, before Gail announces the winner, there’s no way to predict it.

Yigit wins. And that’s awesome. That’s who viewers wanted to win (according to the text vote) and that’s who I wanted to win. Even though it would have been hilarious is Danielle had crawled from the very bottom all the way to the top, but I think Yigit is deserving.

What did you think? Happy Yigit won? If not, who would you have preferred?