It was the final week of auditions for American Idol 2013 and the new American Idol judges 2013 made their way to San Antonio, Long Beach and Oklahoma City to see if they could find some talent to bring with them to Hollywood Week on American Idol Season 12. While again no one stood out as much as Lazaro Arbos during week one of auditions, there were some stories and singers that brought me to tears. Let’s looks at the Top 3 auditions from the final week of auditions on American Idol 2013!


The judges had three cities to make it through this week and in my opinion Oklahoma City brought no really great talent. There were some decent singers, but they seemed to focus more on the bad auditions, despite the show only airing an hour that night. So, my Top 3 for the week all come from San Antonio and Long Beach, but did any of them make the rumored Top 40 on American Idol 2013?

#3 – Adam Sanders. He came to the San Antonio auditions and he seemed like a hot mess. A big queen of the night and said he was going to cry once he got in front of Mariah Carey. He then announced he was going to sing an Etta James song and I thought it was going to be a tragic sight. It was complete shock when he started singing, for the judges and for me. He did get a little too loud and screaming in parts, but he has a very good voice if he mellowed it out at times.

Check it out here:

#2 – Cristabel Clack. She also came from the San Antonio auditions on American Idol 2013. She has the look and the voice to make it to Hollywood Week, but she surprised me with how close she sounded like Alicia Keys when singing one of her songs. She did put some twists in there, but I had to look and see if it wasn’t really Alicia auditioning!

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#1 – Matheus Fernandes. He came from the Long Beach auditions on American Idol 12. Matheus is a cute little nugget and has always felt like being short would hold him back in the music business. He moved to L.A. to give it a shot and pursue his singing career. Besides the fact that he has a great story, but he had a great voice too. His reaction to getting such positive feedback made me cry.

Check it out here:

Who were your favorite auditions from this final week of auditions on American Idol 2013?

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