Three Teams remain on CBS’s Hunted as we head in to Wednesday night’s season finale where we’ll get the last round of results to reveal who will win and who will go home captured.

Hunted CBS

Of course with the chance for more than one winner, or none at all, we’re anxious to find out how things work out for each of the three remaining pairs of Fugitives entering the final stretch of their adventure.

We’ve still got Lee & Hilmar, Immad & Aarif, and Stephen & English in the running to each win $250K if they evade capture for just a few more days. Last week we saw David & Emiley captured, which was disappointing to me but as gave the chance for new details on the Hunted rules to be revealed.

So which of those three could make it to the end? I suppose they all could, but CBS certainly wants us to expect Stephen & English to be captured after they teased us with Hunters rolling up on the car they expect to find them in. Seems that should assure us the car is empty of Fugitives.

I’d be much more likely to expect a successful escape by Lee & Hilmar or Aarif & Immad, both of who are keeping far from the clutches of the Command Center but after all of the taunting by Lee & Hilmar you know there’s an extra fire to bring them in.

However it turns out on the Hunted finale this week we still don’t know CBS’s plans for a possible second season. It’s been an entertaining show, but there’s really a lot that needs to get fixed in the editing, storytelling, and rules for another season of Hunted to work like it should.

Who do you think will win Hunted this week? Could all three escape or even all be caught and no one wins? Share your thoughts and join us on Wednesday night for the Hunted results and we’ll see then how it all turns out.